Trained in impatience

Lamentations 3:26 It is good that one waits quietly For the salvation of the Lord.

Culture is training us in impatience because we can get almost anything instantly.  Effect:  Inability to wait on the Lord

Scripture is full of references to patience and waiting on the lord. Waiting can be incredibly difficult leaving us challenged in our thoughts as the fulfillment of our desires is delayed or deterred. We have been trained to get what we want, when we want it, and how we want it typically almost immediately. This accurately describes the culture and the generations engulfed by the ease of fulfilling desires. So how does technology and the culture effect our abillity to trust God and wait on his timing? How has this effected the operation the modern church?

Technology’s main goal is to remove wait. Removing wait creates false expectations concerning timeframes for getting my desires satisfied. Life does not work that way. Our culture is making promises it cannot keep. Life is a day to day perseverance to endure the challenges to our character, finances, security, relationships, and our faith. Many times the difficult seasons of our lives and challenges can last months, years even decades and God says wait. But when the expectation is a quick resolve to any challenge, or any need delivered almost instantly in the modern culture, most are thrown into complete disarray.

The end result of being trained in impatience is that your trust in God’s plan and destiny begins to weaken. We question God’s love and timing because he moves too slow or not at all from our perspective. Impatient people lack maturity and evidence of a God filled life, because as Dallas Willard famously quoted, “they are so habitually stuck in this world they forget there is another.” Being stuck in the world perceived only by our senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch forces our perspective on the short lives before us forgetting the eternal nature to our existence. His reference to a habit is saying that we are operating in a behavior without thought or choice in every situation. We have lost control or have no self control as evidenced by the fruit of the spirit promised in Galatians. The habit of Impatience says, ” I must get it now because this is all there is.”

Impatience in the Church has shown up in an never ending rotation of church populations, with families and individuals coming and going, changing churches, faiths, religions, or philosophies. Pastors are placed in a terrible position of trying to satisfy and care for a congregation of believers that want it now or “I’m out of here.” These believers leave offended because they feel as though their needs were overlooked or ignored. Now they are offended, bitter, walking in self pity traveling to the next place to restart the cycle all over again. So, church becomes this endless parade of hyper positive events and self affirming programs to meet the needs of ever increasing selfishness and impatience by the modern believer. Their demands must be met. The end result for the church is that it serves it self and makes itself into an idol that replaces God. God becomes the slogan for marketing and attracting new converts to our system or processes. The church becomes the thing worshipped.

The real end result is that Technology has done its job and trained many of us into impatient people who now say, “this God thing does not work.”

Published by Mark Workman

Joyfully married father and Life long entrepreneur.

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