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Dallas Willard

Starting a new blog after about 5 years away in the wilderness of quiet solitude. I had written for a number of years on wide range of subjects. I woke one morning and all my content was just gone. My service provider could not recover the words I had poured out onto the page and I was crushed. I have wept over those words. So I pray that this current attempt to encourage the faithful will be helpful.

My interests are focused on the eternal kind life available to us right now. We have been given every spiritual blessing under heaven, lacking nothing found in Ephesians 1:3. We can overcome bitterness, anger, rage, envy, hatred, etc. and walk in God’s character and nature. This eternal life is for now, not some future destiny realized in heaven. We were built to over come this life and conquer now in this world. Just as Jesus said to the accused woman, “go and sin more”, we can sin no more. Jesus would not have said it , if it was not possible. He wasn’t making a suggestion but declaring a reality. I believe we can grow in the grace knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ by constant and consistent exposure to God. As we spend our days and life thinking on these things, whatever is pure, holy, essentially God and his nature, we are forever changed. We can fully express the fruits of the spirit now. We can live in peace produced by this exposure to God for the first time understanding the peace beyond al understanding. So many of my blogs will focus on the eternal kind of life now.

I think quite extensively about the workings of the culture and how it is reconstructing God’s word and our faith filled life into a caricature of what God intended and how the modern church is active the demise of the disciple of Christ. The modern church is filling our lives with anxiety and busyness that is best described as dead works, leaving many to wonder quietly why isn’t this working? Peace and healing are not a reality, while exhaustion and confusion reign over most lives. I have had faithful men say to me, “I’m lost and I cannot even tell you why.” This should not be a reality, but it is for most. I will try to expose some of the subtle ways the church has changed, looking at the mixture(lukewarm) between law and grace and how is confusing the believer, technology, lack of training(no training is training), and more.

So please leave comments and questions. I need to learn as well.

Published by Mark Workman

Joyfully married father and Life long entrepreneur.

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